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Nov 10 2013

lPOP Yachts, Your Local Yacht Broker!!

The power of the internet, the experience of a local broker. 

The joy of boat ownership, whether you’re setting out to sea or jetting across the lake hasn’t changed over the years.  The way you purchase that boat however has undergone a major transformation.

Buyers and sellers in today’s internet based market insist on multiple options, instant feedback and constant communication.  Delivering on these demands has made POP Yachts one of the largest and fastest growing yacht brokers in the world.

Utilizing advanced, proprietary software, our internet marketing efforts have extensive global reach, putting our boat listings in front of countless potential buyers worldwide, and because we have agreements with the sellers for every vessel we list, we are able to share detailed information and post hundreds of photos in our listings every day.

Quite simply we bring buyers, boats and sellers together like no other yacht broker.  It comes as no surprise that 60% of the boats we sell are shipped overseas.

As you browse through our website and listings, you’ll soon see why POP Yachts is the emerging leader in yacht brokerage. 

Services for Buyers

We put buyers in the captain’s seat.  In our industry, it’s no longer simply “selling a boat.”  In fact at POP Yachts that’s exactly what we don’t want to do.  Rather POP Yachts wants to enhance your buying experience, acting on your behalf as your international representative.  No matter where you’re located, we will search our vast network for the right vessel and obtain the best deal every time.

Vessel Evaluation

POP Yachts is paid a commission by the seller, costing you the buyer absolutely nothing.  Once we have located vessels for you to review, we will offer our unbiased opinion, positive or negative.

Purchase Negotiations.

If you locate a vessel and want POP to negotiate the purchase on your behalf, we will advise you in that instance too.  If it is the right boat for you and the price is fair, our advice is to move quickly towards the purchase.  Even in today’s economy vessels are selling.  There are some great deals out there, but they come fast and go fast!  If you are serious about purchasing, be prepared to move quickly so you don’t miss the deal of a lifetime.

Closing Process.

POP Yachts will coordinate all aspects of the sale.  Including title checks, trial run, surveyors, secure financial escrow transfers and most other paperwork.

Exemplary Service

The staff at POP Yachts will do everything we can to earn your trust, form a relationship and present a successful for your purchasing experience.  The final result will reflect a personal, professional, unique service and buying experience.

Services for Sellers

At POP Yachts International, what we offer to sellers is very straightforward.  Simply put we market your boat around the world.  We believe that if we bring a buyer to you, we deserve to be paid.  If we don’t why should we earn anything.


Browse our current listings and notice the amount of information and photographs we provide.  On average we display 100 or more, as well as detailed specs.  One of our Sales Executives will visit your boat to take photos, gather information and complete the listing


We have the industry’s most sophisticated software to help you find that buyer.  We enter your boat into the POP system and it automatically feeds across the world to more than 160 boating and yachting sites.  It should come as no surprise that we export more than 60% of the boats we sell.  We have the largest internet marketing reach of any brokerage business in the world and we advertise in very specific markets such as Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Australia.

Continuous Monitoring.

Our expert internet consultants manage your listing and work every one of the internet inquiries that come in for your boat.  As a Seller, you will have access to live data showing exactly who is viewing your boat across the globe.  You will get live updates by logging into your client account, including complete history and data on your listing from the date we started, the date it was photographed and the full history of internet activity.

If you’re in the market to either buy or sell a boat, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we will get back to you with more information about the process.

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