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Nov 19 2012

This is a story that we will continue to develop over time.  The extent of damage to the recreational boating industry almost cannot be measured.  Unless you had your boat inland of the storm surge you probably had some damage or were impacted in some way.  In addition it's hard to believe that virtually every marina in the storms path has not received some damge and I wonder how this is going to impact the 2013 boating season.

BoatUS estimates that over 65,000 boats were damaged or destroyed in the storm with damage estimates to exceed 650 million dollars.  In NY the estimate is that 32,000 boats were impacted with over 324 million in damage.  When you consider that a recent check with the dept of motor vehicles showed that there were around 100,000 boats registered in the Long Island NYC area,  that's over 1/3 of registered pleasure boats being effected.  According to BoatUS  this storm is the single greatest recorded loss recorded since the industry began to keep records back in 1966

There seemed to be no safe place for a boat within the storm surge.  Some boats which were in the water were safe as long as the piers to which the floating docks were attached were tall enough to take the height of the surge.  The greater damage seemed to be to boats sitting on boat stands which just floated away into neighborhoods.

This is a story that will continue to follow.  I have already seen boats showing up on Craigs List which were damaged by the storm.  While there may be values out there, this is truly a situation where the saying buyer beware has never been truer

Oct 27 2012

I recently attended the IBEX show in Louisville KY.  IBEX stands for International Boat Builders Exhibition & Conference.  This is not a typical retail boat show that we are all accustomed to.  The only boat at this show was one being used as a demonstration for Dr. Shrink, a company that supplies shrink wrapping products.

The reason for attending the show was to look for new products and technologies that would be interesting to the New York Boater.

The companies that display at this show are manufacturers and suppliers that supply products and services to boat builders, marinas, boat dealers etc.  These are the products that will be showing up on new boats and on the shelves of marine product suppliers over the next year.  There were over 500 exhibits to explore and I have included some of the highlights of the show below.

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Oct 06 2012

destinations floating homes blog image1.jpgOn our way to the IBEX 2012 (see the article on the IBEX show in the destinations section) show we took a little side trip to visit a development of floating homes.  What they have built at the ‚Ä®Lakeside Marina in Port Clinton Ohio is something unique in this area of the country.  While it is more common on the west coast, communities of floating homes have been almost non existent in our area of the country.

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