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What's New in Boating

Mar 29 2014

Last season, I introduced the membership to a company called Boatbound, a “pier-to-pier” boat rental marketplace. Almost a year later, Boatbound has become the largest boat sharing platform in the US. As a refresher, Boatbound enables boat owners to offset their boat ownership costs by renting their boats to pre-screened, qualified renters, with full control over who rents and when.


In just a short amount of time, Boatbound has drawn significant interest from various industry players and has secured several major partnerships to fuel their growth in 2014 and beyond. They’ve just announced a partnership with Brunswick, the largest player in the marine industry and will be rolling out to Brunswick’s Owners Clubs (which may include many of our members) in the coming weeks. As part of the partnership, Brunswick also invested in Boatbound’s latest financing round, further adding to Boatbound’s credibility and growth abilities. In addition, Boatbound has also locked down the sailing side of the boating market by partnering with the American Sailing Association, the domestic leader in sailing education and certification.

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Dec 06 2013

15 Days on the Erie Canal, Days 1-5

Destination is the Inner Harbor of Buffalo.  This year’s vacation is allowing us 15 days to do the round trip, and we are excited.   We left the dock at 11 am after a trip to the food store for provisioning and giving the boat a good wash down, she seems to run better when she’s clean.

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Nov 30 2013

LGPC Approves Final Generic Impact Statement for Mandatory Boat Inspection Program

                        This morning at the November monthly meeting of the Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) the Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS)/ Lake George AIS Prevention Plan.The next step is to approve the actual Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Regulations.

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Nov 22 2013

Rochester News, Marina Project Kicks Off:  The city of Rochester has started construction of a new marina as part of a plan to revitalize the city's Lake Ontario waterfront.  Rochester’s Mayor Tom Richards was joined by state, federal and community officials for last Thursday's groundbreaking ceremony for the Port of Rochester Marina project.

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