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By Carolyn Shearlock, author of The Boat Galley, with over 350 FREE articles to get the most out of your boat kitchen with galley tips, insights & equipment recommendations. A few recipes, too – plus an active Facebook community to ask questions and share tips with other readers! The print edition of The Boat Galley Cookbook, written with Jan Irons.

The Boat Galley

Jan 13 2013

Somehow, boating and snacking just go together.  Whether it's the fresh air, the activity or the friends stopping by,  it's not unusual to find people opening cupboards and looking to see what there is to eat! 

Whether you're out for the afternoon or a week, it only makes sense to plan for snacks when your're planning the food on board-otherwise, you might be surprised to find part of your dinner ingredients missing.

We kept a snack bin on our boat, Que Tal.  A big plastic tub next to the companionway,  I'd fill it with various treats that anyone could eat-or offer to anyone that came by-without asking, any time they wanted.  With it, Dave no longer felt like a child, having to ask "permision" to eat something, and I no longer was frustrated to find that the cashews for Cashew Chicken were gone.

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Dec 02 2012


Ever -wish you could just whip up a bit of chocolate-y goodness on the boat but haven't quite figured out a way to do it without an oven and with ingredients that are easy to carry?  Whether as an evening treat as you're star-gazing at anchor or an afternoon snack on an active day, these Chocolate-Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies are delicious, take only 10 minutes, require just one burner on the stove and have several variations!

Chocolate-Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies.

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Nov 25 2012

By Carolyn Shearlock, author of the The Boat Galley with over 250 free articles to get the most out of your boat kitchen with galley tips, insights and equipment recommendations.

How would you like to have sour cream available on your boat without having to keep it refrigerated? 

Here's a quick and easy way to make your own sour cream from ingredients that don't have to be refrigerated.  If you can put the mixture in a cooler or refrigerator for 15 minutes, it'll get even thicker, but it will work perfectly even if you don't.  Add a packet of your favorite dip mix and a bag of chips or baby carrots for a great mid-afternoon snack aboard your boat.

Check out a youtube video at  to see how's done.

All you need is a can of " Media Crema" and a teaspoon of white vinegar, lemon or lime juice.  Mix them together and you've got sour cream.

What's this "Media Crema," you're asking?  it's very similar to half-and-half and comes in a can-but you'll find it in with the Mexican (or Latin) foods instead of with evaporated milk in the grocery store.  (don't try to substitute evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk - they won't work).  Each can makes 1 cup- so if your favorite dip requires a pint, you'll need two cans.

Nov 19 2012

Around the water and with all the activity of boating, it can be hard to keep Band-Aids on – yet also necessary to keep cuts clean. 

What’s a boater to do?

Shortly after we moved aboard Que Tal, a chance discussion with a cruising doctor at a dock party gave me the answer: tincture of benzoin!Keeping bandaids on 2 opt

It’s what they use in surgery before applying steri-strips, to make them stick better. Sometimes it’s used in the ER with butterfly bandages, too. It’s a liquid that you just swab on before putting any sort of adhesive bandage on -- Band-Aids, steri-strips, butterflies, moleskin, adhesive tape, anything!

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