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This site is about boating in upstate NY. From the western part of the state to the Hudson River it’s all about the locations where we boat. We want to hear from you about your favorite boating destinations. Is it a town, or a great place to raft up? We want you to share your stories or ideas. Do you know of an event that we should report on, let us know.

Mar 24 2012

destinations fairport blog image1Fairport is one of our favorite ports to visit on the canal system.  the first time we visited Fairport we were on our way back from a trip on the canal, it was late in the afternoon and the walls were almost full, but we were able to find the last spot on the wall.  The dock master came over to welcome us and supplied us with an information package that listed local businesess that would be a benefit to boaters. 

That was about four years ago and we followed it up with a trip a couple of years ago where Fairport was our destination and our experience was even better since we had a couple of days to spend exploring the town.

If you have never visited Fairport it should be on your list.  The town goes out of their way to accommodate boaters.  They offer water, electricity and wi-fi as well as having a really nice shower house.  There is docking on both the north and south sides of the canal as well as docking west of the lift bridge.

destinations fairport blog image2The purpose of our visit today is Fairport's canal days.  Unfortunately this trip is by car since time didn't allow for a trip by boat, but we had the pleasure of visiting with club members Fred and Roberta Poklemba on their 34' Silverton the "Silver Slipper" about their trip and experience in Fairport.  The Silver Slipper's home port is Seneca Falls on the Seneca-Cayuga canal. Fred explained the trip is about 50 miles and usually takes him about 8 hours depending on how the locking traffic is.  This trip they encountered some bad weather and waited out a storm in Lyons for a couple of hours and ended up staying the night in Newark.  We will highlight  Newark at another time. Fred has been to Fairport a number of times, and had been on every mile of the canal system in his 30 years of boating.

After our visit with Fred and Roberta, and we can't forget their dog Lacy who cruises with them on every trip, we walked around looking at the other boats and talking to other boaters, what's interesting is the true variety of the boats that cruise the canal system.

Along the wall was a trawler from Panama City Florida, several house boats and a canal boat typical of the kind that you see from several of the rental boat firms, but this one was privately owned and operated by electric.  It's roof was completely covered with solar panels.  We had the opportunity to visit with Montgomery Gisborne from Tamarack Electric Boat Company.  They had their new electric boat the "Loon" on the wall.  Montgomery told me that they were the first to travel the length of the canal in an electric boat back in 2008.  They are manufacturing in Rome NY.  Watch the site in the future as we profile boat manufacturing in New York State.  You can visit their web site at  As usual there as a variety of boats of all different shapes and sizes represented.  Fairport's dockage rates haven't changed with a maximum fee of $11.00 per night for boats over 40'

We walked up and down the main street as well as the other areas where the canal days festival's booths were displayed.  We had read about the popularity of the event and the amount of people that it attracts.  I don't think that this year despite the weather the attendance was any different, the streets were crowded.

Check our our Dock and Dine section for a list of resturants within walking distance of the canal and check out the boater resource section for businesses that would be of benefit to the boater community.

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