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Iconic Sag Harbor Yacht Intuition II For Sale

At the New York Boater, we often talk about boats for sale, but this one is a bit different.  If you have ever driven over the bridge into Sag Harbor you have no doubt seen the yacht Intuition II.  The 196 foot long yacht owned by Patrick Malloy for 18 years and tied up at the dock at his marina south of Long Wharf has been up for sale for a year and with a recent price drop may not be back for next summer

The ship originally built as a pilot cutter that Mr Malloy converted to an expedition yacht is now up for sale for 4.95 million.   “It’s such a fixture in Sag Harbor” said Bruce Tait, a yacht broker whose office is in one of Mr Malloy’s buildings near the marina.  “It bookends the season” he said.  The yacht remains in the village until after Thanksgiving, when it usually heads south.  “It signals the start and end of the season.

The yacht  listed with Pam Barlow of Luke Brown Yachts,  is on the market for $4.95 million, down from its original price of $7.5 million a year ago, “Having owned and love Intuition II for over 18 years, her owner has reluctantly decided that it’s time to let her go” the listing says.  “She has many more years of good life and longer trips in her” 

The yacht has seven staterooms, two saloons and two dining rooms.  While the size of super-yachts has grown considerably in the last decades, some more than 400-500 feet, Intuition was one of the largest when it first sailed into Sag Harbor.

Intuition was originally built as a pilot cutter in the early 1970’s for the Netherlands Pilotage Authority, one of Holland’s premier shipyards.  Pilot cutters were designed to wait in the sea to take ships into port.  The yacht built to withstand the year-round rigors found in the North Sea, has an all-welded steel hull heavily framed with thick plating and nine watertight bulkheads.

An expedition yacht is meant to go longer distances at slower speeds.  The Intuition has traveled 7,000 miles including trips from New York to Newfoundland, to Florida, To Mexico and the Mediterranean at its cruising speed of 10 knots.

During the time that Mr Malloy has owned Intuition II he has overseen a complete upgrade to the yacht, with all new wiring, electronics, insulation, heating, air conditioning and plumbing.  Southampton Yacht Services redesigned the interior and Nicholson Interiors, a high-end company that has fitted out two yachts for the British Royal Family, took on the finishing work.

“The end result” the brokers listing said, “is a tribute to the owners, project managers, yards, and al of the sub-contractors involved in transforming this rugged North Sea pilot boat into a go anywhere globe trotter with all of the comforts, amenities and appeal of a stunning luxury yacht.

The yacht sleeps up to 15 in 10 cabins and requires a 12-person crew.  Many are able to have their own cabins, a luxury found on very few yachts. 

The yacht has several decks and the top deck can store water toys and small boats, though it is not structurally sound enough for a helicopter, it could be beefed up to carry a lightweight helicopter or could be used as a touch and go helipad.

The yacht has many decks, and the top deck can store water toys and small boats, though it is not structurally sound enough for a helicopter. The listing said it “could possibly be beefed up to carry a lightweight helicopter, or to be used as a ‘touch and go’ helipad.” 

Maybe the new owner will choose to keep the yacht docked in Sag Harbor for the foreseeable future, because it would sure be a disappointment as you drive or sail into Sag Harbor no longer having the Intuition II there as the landmark it’s been for the last 18 years.

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