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Route 8, Brant, NY, 12815

On Route 8  1 mile northeast of the Hamlet of Brant Lake.  Hard surface ramp.  11 cars and trailers.  (D)

Route 9N, Lake George, NY, 12845

In DEC Luzerne Campground.  On Route 9N 8 miles southwest of Lake George on left.  Hand launch.  No motors permitted.  Day use fee in season.  Open when campground is operating.  3 cars. (518) 696-2031  (D)

Garnet Lake Rd., Johnsburg, NY, 12843

Off Route 8, south of Johnsburg on Garnet Lake Rd.  Bear left at fork.  Parking at end of road at trailhead.  Beach launch.  5 cars, 2 cars and trailers.  (D) 

Glen Lake Rd., Queensbury, NY, 12801

On Glen Lake Rd.  off Route 9 in Queensbury.  Launching of motorized boats is prohibited.  No trailers. Hand launch.  10 cars.  (M)

Warren County, 00000

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Lake Luzerne, 12846

Luzerne Public Beach.. 10 Hp limit.  Trailer parking not available when school is in session.  (Parking shared with school)  Beach launch.  (M)

Wayside Beach, Lake Luzerne, NY, 12846

Wayside Beach.  10 hp limit.  Beach launch.  10 cars.  (M)

Route 9 & 8, Chestertown, NY, 12817

On the corner of Routes 9 & 8 in Chestertown.  Hand launch.  6 cars.  (DOT)

Route 9, Pottersville, NY, 12860

In DEC Campground.  On Route 9 2 miles north of the Hamlet of Pottersville.  Hard surface ramp.  Day use fee in season.  Open when campground is operating.  4 cars.  (518) 494-2220

Route 9, Pottersville, NY, 12860

Horicon.  Off Route 9 just north of Pottersville on county road 62.  Hard surface ramp.  45 cars and trailers.  (D)

Dock St., Schroon Lake, NY, 12870

On Dock St.  in Town of Schroon Lake.  Hard surface ramp.  15 cars and trailers.  (D)

East Shroon River Rd., Warrensburg, NY, 12885

On East Shroon River Rd.  below Middletown Bridge.  Warrensburg.  Hand launch. 5 cars.

Route 53, Chestertown, NY, 12817

Starbuckville Dam,  Route 53 in Chestertown.  Hand launch.  5 cars.

Route 30, Chestertown, NY, 12817

South Horicon Bridge, Route 30 in Chestertown.  Hand launch.

Thirteenth Lake Rd., North River, NY, 12856

Thirteenth Lake Rd.,  Off Route 28 southwest of North River.. Hand launch.  100 yard carry.  20 cars.