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Albany, New York, United States, 00000

In small urban park off New Scotland Rd. 0.4 miles East of Maher Rd. exit off NY Route 85. Hand Launch. 5 cars.

Category:Albany County

Albany, New York, United States, 00000

Becker, Tubbs, Waxwing and Wood Ponds, Fawn and White Birch Lakes. About 3.4 miles north of RenesselaervCategory:Albany County

Albany, New York, United States, 00000

South of the state park off NY Route 157, 0.3 Miles north of NY Route 157 A and Beaver Dam Rd. Beach Launch Category:Albany County

Bellfast, NY, 14711

Town of Allen, northeast of the Village ofBelfast, off West Hill Rd.  Beach Launch, Electric Motors. Accessible fishing platform.  Parking for 25 Cars.

Category:Allegany County

County Rd. 38, Alma, NY, 14708

3 Miles east of the Village of Alma, southeast of Village of Wellsville on CR 38  Hand Launch

Category:Allegany County

North Shore Rd., Cuba, NY, 14727

Off Route 305 on North Shore Rd. 2 miles north of the Village of Cuba.  Beach Launch

Category:Allegany County
Telephone(716) 354-9101

Squedunk Rd, Lisle, New York, United States, 13797

On Squedunk Rd. 4 miles south of Hamlet of Center Isle. Hard Launch. No motors. 0.3 miles from parking area. Category:Broome County

Binghamton, New York, United States, 00000

On route 79. Hand launch. 6 cars.

Category:Broome County

Route 26, Whitney Point, NY, 13862

Off Route 26  1 Mile north of the Whitney Point Reservoir Dam in Dorchester Park.  Hard surface ramp.  25 hp limit   40 cars and trailers  ( D) 

Category:Broome County

County Route 13, Whitney Point, NY, 13862

County Route 13  Beach Launch 25 Hp limit.  8 Cars and Trailers  ( D)

Category:Broome County

West River Rd., Allegany, NY, 14706

Located off West River Rd., south of the Village of Allegany on south side of the Allegany River.  Hard launch  8 Cars.  (D)

County Route 280, Allegany, 00000

Allegany State Park.  (Quaker area )  Friends Boat Launch.  On Rte. 280, 2.5 miles south of Route 17 ( Southern tier expressway)  Exit 18  Hard surface ramp.  35 cars and trailers. ( P )

County Rd. 24, Franklinville, NY, 14737

Off County Rd 24, 1.5 miles east of the Village of Franklinville.  Hard Launch.  Electric Motors only.  35 Cars.  (D)

County Route 11, Otto, 14766

Apprxinately 12 miles north of the village of Otto on County Route 11.  Hand Launch.  No Motors  ( Canoes and shallow draft boats only ) 40 Cars  (D)

Route 98, Farmersville Station, NY, 14060

On Route 98  2 miles south of the Hamlet of Farmersville Station.  Hand Launch.  Electric Motors only  24 Cars.  ( D )

State Route 16, Machias, NY, 14101

Off State Route 16 in Village of Machias on east side of Lake off Potter Ave.  Hand Launch  12 Cars  (D) 


New Albion Rd., Little Valley, NY, 14755

3 miles northwest of the Village of Little Valley on New Albion Rd.  Hand Launch  Electric Motors permitted.  30 Cars and Trailers.  ( D)

Giles Hollow Rd., Olean, NY, 14760

Off Route 16 on Giles Hollow Rd.  6 miles north of the Village of Olean.  Hand Launch  5 cars  (D)

Route 280, Salamanca, NY, 14779

On Route 280 Exit 18 from route 86, 10 miles west of of Salamanca.  Hard Launch. Electric Motors only.  10 Cars.   (P)

Salamanca, NY, 14779

On  ASP Route 1  6 miles south of the city of Salamanca.  Beach Launch.  No motors.  10 Cars (p)