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St. Lawrence County, 00000

Off Hall Rd.  Hand launch. 5 cars (D)

Route 812, Fowler, NY, 13642

Off Route 812 between the Hamlets of Fowler & Balmat.  Beach launch. 5 cars and trailers.  (D)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Off Briggs Switch Rd.  Beach Launch.  Electric motors only.  5 cars and trailers. (D)

Route 3, Star Lake, NY, 13690

Off NYS Route 3 in the Village of Star Lake.  Hand launch.  Electric motors only.  5 cars. (D)

County Route 53, Brasher, NY, 13613

Off County Route 53 in the Town of Brasher.  Beach launch 5 cars. (D)

Raquette RiverRd., South Colton, 13687

Five Falls Reservoir.  On Raquette River Road.  Off Route 56, South Solton.  Hard Surface Ramp.  (B)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Blake Reservoir.  Off Route 56, to Stark Rd. on Raquette River Road.  (B

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Carry Falls Reservoir.  Off Route 56 in the Town of Colton.  Hard surface ramp.  (B)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Higley Flow State Park.  2 miles west of NYS Route 56.  Hard surface ramp.  10 cars and trailers.  (315) 482-2593  (P)

Route 3, Harrisville, NY, 13648

Off Route 3 9 miles northeast of the Village of Harrisville.  Hard launch.  No motors.  5 cars. (D)

Route 87, Heuvelton, NY, 13654

Off Route 87 in the Village of Heuvelton.  Hard surface ramp.  30 cars.  (P)

Town Rd., Star Lake, NY, 13690

Near Town Rd. 3 miles east of the Hamlet of Star Lake. and Approzimately 5 miles south of Route 3  Hand launch.  No motors permitted.  25 cars  (D)

Route 24, Edwards, NY, 13635

On County Route 24 in the Village of Edwards.  Hand launch.  10 cars.  (D)

County Route 58, Edwards, NY, 13635

Oswegatchie River.  Off County Route 58, above the Village of Edwards.  Beach launch.  5 cars  (D)

Route 72, Hopkinton, NY, 12965

Off Lake Ozonia Rd.  8 miles south of Route 72 in Hopkinton.  Hand launch.  10 hp limit.30 cars.  (D)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Off County Route 3 near Hall Road inthe Town of Rossie.  Hand launch.  10 cars. (D)

Cold Brook Drive, South Colton, NY, 13687

2 miles west from Route 56 on Cold Brook Drive in South Colton.  15 miles south from Potsdam.  Hard surface ramp. 10 cars and trailers.  (P)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Off Butler Rd.  in Rossie.  Beach launch. 5 cars.  (D)

Route 68, Canton, NY, 13617

On Route 68  3miles northwest of the Village of Canton.  Hard surface ramp.  Suitable for canoes and small motor boats.  14 cars and trailers.  (D)

St. Lawrence County, 00000

Off Burns Rd. at the St. Lawrence County Line.  Beach launch.  5 cars. (D)