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News Flash:
Sep 20 2014




 Towboat US, the AAA of the waterways.  So have you ever been stuck out on the water? And wondered how you were going to get back to the dock?  If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will at some point in your boating lifetime.  That’s why we started to research the private towing and salvage market.  Towboat US is the leader in the private towing market.  For as little as $79 per year you can take advantage of this service.  With over 300 ports and more than 600 tow boats nationwide, they have the overall market covered.  We had the opportunity to visit with two different towboat US captains recently who serve two very diverse geographic regions around NYS.  Even though they are located in different parts of the state, they actually tell very similar types of stories regarding the types of calls they receive.

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Sep 15 2014

Mariners are advised that the New York State Canal System has moved into its late season operating hours.  All locks and lift bridges will be operated from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm daily through the last day of the season, November 19th.

Vessels will be admitted through structures if arriving prior to scheduled closing. Vessels arriving at Lock CS-2/3 in Seneca Falls or Lock E-34/35 in Lockport from either direction prior to scheduled closing will be admitted through both chambers. Vessels arriving westbound at Lock E-21 in New London or arriving eastbound at Lock E-22 in Verona prior to scheduled closing will be admitted through both locks. Vessels arriving at the Waterford Flight from either direction prior to scheduled closing will be admitted through the entire Flight.

24-hour service is available to commercial vessels such as tour boats, tugboats, charter boats, cruise ships, and hire-boats operating on the Canal System. Registered commercial operators should call (518) 471-5014 during regular business hours and (518) 461-0942 after hours to make arrangements for lock and lift bridge service outside of the Canal’s regular operating schedule.

Sep 06 2014

Albany -- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation prohibiting the launch of watercraft in New York State without taking reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. The bill (A9619-B, S7851-B) advances current efforts by the State and private organizations to halt the introduction and spread of invasive aquatic species into New York's waters.

. Officials recently finished a third round of milfoil treatment on Cazenovia Lake. David Lassman / The Post-Standard The legislation makes it the responsibility of boaters launching watercraft to use common sense when putting in and taking out their boats. Before transportation or launch, the boater should first clean, drain and dry the boat, trailer, and any other exposed equipment of visible plant and animal matter, or have taken other reasonable measures to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

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Aug 31 2014

Rental rates for slips at the Erie Basin Marina are going up next year, but boaters say they have been left in the dark about whether they will even have a place at the marina for the upcoming season.

City officials assured lawmakers Tuesday that the docks will be open in time for spring.

The confusion comes as the Common Council prepares to discuss the terms of a new five-year contract with Smith Boys to operate the marina this season, as well as a new fee schedule for resident and nonresident boaters. The contract will be discussed during a committee meeting next week.

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Aug 20 2014

Mary Jemison Boat Retires

Corn Hill Navigation’s Board of Directors has announced that it is retiring the historic Mary Jemison boat out of downtown Rochester after eight seasons of service on the Erie Canal and its Genesee River Extension.  Approximately 60,000 passengers from the Rochester Region and around the world have discovered and enjoyed the Erie Canal on the Mary Jemison since her 2005 launch.


The vessel known today as the Mary Jemison was originally named the Virginia Estelle and built in 1931 as a buy boat – a large durable engine-propelled vessel common on the Chesapeake Bay during the first half of the 20th century.  She was constructed in Deltaville Virginia by Linwood Price, a prolific and highly regarded builder of wooden-deck bay buy boats.  Virginia Estelle worked out of the “Seafood Capital of the World” Crisfield Maryland, a location famous for its oyster beds.  Such a boat bought daily oyster catches from fisherman and hauled it’s cargo to packing houses and markets on the bay.  It carried produce, grain and other freight during the off-season.  In the mid-1940’s,  Virginia Estelle began operating out of the seafood cities of Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a freight boat for mid-Atlantic mackerel fisheries.

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